Alexandru Slusari: We propose investing a government managed by PPPDA

The leader of the parliamentary group of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform“ (PPPDA) Alexandru Slusari said there are three possible variants in the current pandemic and juridical situation. One of them is to invest the government proposed by Shor-Dodon, the second is to keep the current minority government that is controlled mainly by Dodon, while the third variant that is proposed by the party is to invest a government led by the PPPDA. This government, during a short period of time, would solve a series of pressing problems and during the year would hold snap parliamentary elections, IPN reports.

After consultations with President Maia Sandu, Alexandru Slusari said the variant of a government proposed by Shor and Dodon led by Mariana Durleșteanu is dangerous. The second variant is unsuitable as the outgoing Cabinet is managed by an inexperienced person. 

According to him, the investing of a government led by the PPPDA is the most logical variant. This government would include representatives of a number of pro-European, not necessarily parliamentary forces and of civil society. During a short period of time, it would deal with a number of pressing problems, related to the pandemic crisis, unlocking of foreign assistance, provision of financial support to sectors affected by the crisis, cleaning of the system of corrupt people. Later this year, snap parliamentary elections would be called.

The deputy head of the PPPDA said that during the last few days they had discussions with the PAS, PDM and PSRM on the parliamentary platform. If the four parties combine forces around an anti-crisis government and snap elections, this idea could be implemented. “On the other hand, we clearly explained to Missis Sandu that the risk here is minimal. If the Socialists do not keep their word and do not vote, the second attempt to vote in the Government will this way fail and we will be heading for snap elections,” stated Alexandru Slusari.

According to him, President Maia Sandu will state her opinion after the consultations, but he does not see reasons for rejecting the PPPDA’s proposal.

On March 16, President Maia Sandu is having consultations with the parliamentary groups. She met with the MPs of the Shor Party, Pro Moldova, the PDM and PPPDA and is yet to meet with the MPs of the PAS and the Socialist MPs. After the consultations, President Maia Sandu will make statements for the press.

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