Alexandru Slusari: Statement proposed by PAS does not have legal power

PPPDA MP Alexandru Slusari, Deputy Parliament Speaker, said the parliamentary group he represents will most probably vote the statement about the necessity of dissolving Parliament and inducing snap elections that was proposed by the PAS. However, the legal effects of such a statement are null, IPN reports.

“Most probably, we will accept this idea. We do not see any problem in adopting this statement, especially because we formulated a similar idea after the consultations with President Maia Sandu of December 7. We then said that this is the shortest way, if Missis Sandu does not insist on an anti-crisis Government,” Alexandru Slusari stated in the program “Fourth power” on N4 channel.

Alexandru Slusari noted the Parliament of Moldova in time adopted numerous statements, but these do not have any legal consequence and the MPs can simply ignore the earlier adopted statements, as it happened in the case of the statement on the condemnation of party switching.

“The legal power of such a statement is minor. This statement does not entail responsibility and does not have legal consequences. The Socialists or the MPs of the Shor Party can forget this statement in five 5 minutes. The litmus test that will show the MPs’ willingness or unwillingness to induce snap parliamentary elections is the vote or its absence in Parliament for the Government proposed by President Sandu,” stated Slusari.

The Party of Action and Solidarity suggests adopting a statement on the necessity of dissolving Parliament and inducing snap elections at the first sitting of the legislature’s spring-summer session. By this statement, the MPs pledge not to take part in the sitting to examine the government program of the candidate for Premier and to consider giving a vote of no confidence to the new executive.

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