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15th of May, 2018

Secretariat of Transparency International, Beriln

In light of recent events, Transparency International reiterates the importance of due process, independent civil society, and rule of law in Moldova.

Experts working in the field of anti-corruption play a vital role in ensuring that democratic standards are upheld, and that principles of transparency and accountability are followed in government and business.

Attempts to intimidate anti-corruption campaigners are not acceptable, and the use of legal mechanisms to put unwarranted pressure on civil society actors represents a clear abuse of power.

Transparency International calls on the Moldovan authorities to ensure space for civil society in the fight against corruption, in accordance with article 13 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), to which Moldova is a signatory.

For any press enquiries please contact

Jen Pollakusky/Michael Hornsby
E: press@transparency.org
T: +49 30 3438 20 666

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