Green Theater to be set up in “Râșcani” Park
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11:08, 14 May 2019

A Green Theater will be built in the “Râșcani” Park of Chisinau with the support of the municipal authorities of Arad, which will allocate about 500,000 Romanian lei for the purpose. There will be set up a stage and a platform that will host about 1,000 spectators.

Contacted by IPN for details, the head of Râșcani district Nicolae Balaur said the district last year signed a twinning agreement with the Romanian municipality Arad and the Romanian colleagues decided to allocate about 500,000 Romanian lei, which is equal to about €100,000, for the social and cultural spheres. The money will be used to lay out the Green Theater in the “Râșcani” Park situated on Braniște St.

Also, alleys and public lighting systems will be built in the park with the assistance of business entities. Artistic events featuring young singers, instrumentalists and dancers will be staged there. The platform intended for spectators will not include benches, but chairs could be brought if need be. All those interested will have free access to the stage.

The “Mezon” Park in Râșcani district will also be laid out. This is over 17,000 square meters in area, 12,000 of which represent green areas. There will be placed over 80 benches, more than 70 garbage bins and almost 50 street lamps. A tender contest was announced a week ago and the works are to be completed in two months and a half. The cost of the project is over 3.5 million lei.

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