Minibuses No. 103 to run on Ștefan cel Mare Blvd by end-March
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15:14, 15 Mar 2019

The minibuses running on route No. 103 in Chisinau will travel on Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Blvd until the end of March owing to the pipe laying works performed on a number of sections of 31 August 1989 St.

Contacted by IPN, Vasile Chirilescu, senior mass media specialist at the Chisinau City Hall, said the given minibuses could be diverted to București St, but the central boulevard was finally chosen because traffic on București St is heavier and there are no possibilities for drivers to turn left.

The sections of 31 august 1989 St between the streets Mitropolit Bãnulescu-Bodoni and Alexandr Pushkin, Ismail and Lev Tolstoi and Ion Vasilenco and Ciuflea were closed to traffic on March 5. The works are to be completed by the end of this month.

In November 2014, the municipality banned the minibuses running on routes in Chisinau from traveling through the center of the city.

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