A number of trolleybus routes in Chisinau will have a different itinerary
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09:09, 12 Jan 2019

The itinerary of a number of municipal trolleybus routes will be modified as of January 14. Trolleybuses No. 34 “Ciuflea St – Trușeni village” will run from Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Blvd on the streets Tighina, București, Ciuflea and then as usual, IPN reports.

Additional intermediary stations will be introduced to route No. 34: “Calea Ieșilor, 103”; “Tighina St” and “Ismail St”.

On a trial basis, trolleybus route No. 24 from January 14 will be divided into route No. 24 “Mircea cel Bãtrân Blvd – Miorița St” and the new shortened route No. 12 “Mircea cel Bãtrân Blvd– A. Mateevici St”.

The trolleybuses running on rote No. 33 will travel on the streets Mircești, Șoseaua Balcani, Petricani, Mihai Viteazul, Columna, H. Coandã, Calea Ieșilor (up to “Butoiaș” restaurant) and back on Calea Ieșilor St, Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt Blvd, Mihai Viteazul St, Petricani St, Șoseaua Balcani St and Mircești St.

The itinerary of bus route No. 31 as from January 14 will be extended in the perimeter of Vadul lui Vodã town. By this date, the specialized services will place the appropriate road signs and will mark the public transport stations.

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