Chisinau municipality to rent snowplows
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13:44, 14 Nov 2017

Acting mayor general of Chisinau Silvia Radu said the municipality will rent snowplows from private companies for cleanup works when it snows heavily in the capital city. On November 14, the acting mayor visited the road maintenance company “Exdrupo” in connection with the preparations for the cold season made by the municipal services. After the inspection, Silvia Radu told the journalists that the municipality’s snowplows are very old and many of them are broken and could be unable to cope in case of heavy snowfalls, IPN reports.

“We are elaborating the 2018 budget and I thus wanted to see each detail – how the budget was drafted and what can be done to allocate more money for the purpose. We will do our best for the citizens of Chisinau to feel the consequences of winter to the smallest extent. I hope we will consolidate a team that will intervene responsibly. Or many of these will not reach the second snowfall,” stated Silvia Radu, suggesting that dismissals could follow.

“Exdrupo” director Stefan Racu told the journalists that even if the snowplows are old, the municipality is ready to intervene if it snows. “We prepared all the necessary quantity of sand, of 4,000 tonnes. 3,000 tonnes of salt are on the way. We have 80 trucks. The newest ones were bought in 2012. We would need another 25 vehicles. We have 325 workers and most of them are of retirement age. The young people do not resist such a working regime,” he stated.

According to Stefan Racu, the company’s vehicles are universal and are almost daily involved in different works in the city. In summer they are used to lay asphalt, while in winter to clean snow from the streets.

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