Chisinau Council decides date of referendum
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12:43, 12 Sep 2017

The Chisinau Municipal Council set the date of the local referendum on the dismissal of Dorin Chirtoaca from the post of mayor general of Chisinau. The inhabitants of Chisinau and its suburbs are expected to cast their votes in the plebiscite on November 19. The decision was taken by 26 votes in favor, IPN reports.

Ion Ceban, chairman of the Socialist group on the Council, said the materials presented by the initiative group to court contain over 5,000 pages that refer to such offenses as influence peddling and acts of corruption committed by the administration of Chisinau during the past 10 years. The residents of Chisinau municipality will have to answer only one question in the referendum, namely: “Are you for dismissing Mister Dorin Chirtoaca from the post of mayor general?”.

“If we manage to remove the mayor, new local mayoral elections will be held next spring,” stated Ion Ceban, thanking the over 80,000 inhabitants of Chisinau who signed in favor of holding the referendum.

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