Fruit and vegetable prices remain the same as last week
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09:47, 12 Aug 2017

On the local market, the price of vegetables and fruits that are in full season remains the same as last week. A kilo of tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper or eggplant starts from 5 lei, IPN reports.

Bell peppers cost 25 lei a kilo. Yellow and pink tomatoes are 10 lei. Zucchini are 6 lei, 1 leu cheaper than last week. Potatoes remains stable at 6 lei.

A corn cob can be bought for 2 lei. A tuft of dill, parsley or green onion is also sold for 2 lei. Cabbage costs around 3-4 lei a kilo, while 10 hen eggs can be bought for 12 lei.

Peaches cost at least 7 lei a kilo, like last week, while apricots start from 10 lei. Water melons are 2 lei a kilo, while melons are 3-4 lei. Black currants are 30 lei, cornels 20 lei, plums 5 lei and sweet berries 30 lei.

Grapes vary from 10 to 20 lei.

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