Chisinau municipality ready to pay 10m lei a year for waste disposal site
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10:26, 20 Mar 2017

The Chisinau City Hall is ready to allocate 10 million lei a year for an area where the waste collected in the capital city could be stored, Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca announced. The waste during the past few days hasn’t been collected in Chisinau as inhabitants of Bubuieci, to whose landfill site the waste has been taken until now, have blocked access of the garbage trucks of the municipal company “Autosalubritate”, IPN reports.

In the March 20 meeting of officials of Chisinau services and divisions, the mayor said the protest mounted by residents of Bubuieci revealed an older problem – that the local waste dump was filled to capacity. The municipality is considering a number of waste disposal possibilities. The authorities and inhabitants of Tantareni village, which has a landfill site, oppose transporting the waste from the capital city there.

Dorin Chirtoaca noted that €25 million was invested in the waste dump in Tantareni and this is the only landfill site that meets the environmental standards. As a solution, if the local authorities of Tantareni continue to put up resistance, a Government decision will be made to make this area a national site.

A temporary alternative is needed until then. The municipality is ready to offer 10 million lei a year for a waste disposal site on condition that this is located 50-70 km from Chisinau.

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