Briefness first and foremost – October 11, 2018 IPN digest
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05:02, 12 Oct 2018

Prime Minister Pavel Filip encouraged the state institutions to devote maximum attention to the fulfillment of the commitments related to the implementation of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement. In the meeting of the governmental commission for European integration held on October 10, the Premier said the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU is a priority and every effort should be made to avoid delays, this being an essential governmental obligation.

However, as the European integration means not only trade and utilization of export quotas, the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on October 9 adopted a resolution on the implementation of the Association Agreement, saying the Republic of Moldova is captured by oligarchic interests and is backsliding in relation to democratic standards and rule of law. MEPs are concerned about the lack of fair and transparent elections as well as impartial judiciary, insufficient anti-corruption and anti-money laundering efforts. MEPs urge the Moldovan authorities to address these concerns.

Commenting on the document in the talk show “Expertise hour”, Ștefan Gligor, programs director of the Center for Policies and Reforms, said this is a message of support for the citizens given the serious situation in which the county is now.

His opinion was shared by the vice president of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Stanislav Pavlovschi, who noted that the problems raised by the report show the observance of the main democratic principles by Moldova is being questioned. This is serious as questions as to Moldova’s wish to abide by the European values could appear later.

Announcing that the bill to amend the Constitution  and enshrine the European integration course in it will be put to the vote in one of this week’s sittings of Parliament, the PDM gave work to do to opinion leaders. For example, Victor Juc, vice director of the Institute of Legal and Political Research of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, said the enshrining of the European integration course in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is not simply an ideology of a party or a segment of society. This is a country project and this objective is associated with political-juridical and socioeconomic modernization.

For his part, political commentator Corneliu Ciurea said the European integration objective is simultaneously an ideology, a project and a myth. By its intention to enshrine it in the Constitution, the Democratic Party wants to show its pro-European velleities and to also test the pro-European inclinations of other parties, for tactical reasons... In other words, who is not with us is against us?

It is curious that while the president of the PDM showed his unwillingness to meet the EU’s requirements, the parliamentary majority plans unique changes in the field of law – a bill to amend and supplement the Constitution so that this allows for the direct election of judges by the people will be drafted. A draft decision to this effect was adopted by the MPs in the October 11 sitting. The opposition parliamentary groups criticized the initiative, describing it as populist. It is expected that the judiciary, which is independent, separated from the legislative and executive powers, also has opinions on the issue and will state them.

The Europeans have their eye on the development conditions of our advertising market. Ultimately, Parliament adopted a bill that is to substitute the current law on advertising in the first reading. It institutes a legal regime of messages of public interest that are defined as “social advertisements” in the current legislation and are regulated contradictorily.

Simultaneously, the real success story of the Republic of Moldova is situated in the Asian zone and is called the project of grant assistance for unprivileged farmers 2KR. This success story deserves to be continued, Minister of Agriculture Nicolae Ciubuc and the Ambassador of Japan in Chisinau Masanobu Yoshii noted in a meeting. The interlocutors reminded that 7,686 new units of agricultural machinery intended for about 3,500 beneficiaries were purchased in the framework of the 2KR project. This machinery is used to cultivate almost 40% of the arable land in Moldova.

The financial assistance provided to Moldova by Japan, which is the third donor of assistance for the Republic of Moldova, after the United States and the European Union, came to about US$ 150 million.

Good news from the Youth Olympic Games that are taking place in Buenos Aires. Judoka Alin Bagrin took the fifth position in the general rankings. Bagrin scored two victories, against Fleury Nihozeko of Burundi and Abolfazi Shojaei of Iran, but was beaten by Turkey’s Omer Aydin in the match for the bronze medal.

In sprint canoe, Moldova’s Ivan Korshunov ranked sixth, while swimmer Tatiana Salcuțan won gold in the 200 meter backstroke with the result of 2:10.13.

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