Integrity certification is good, but should be based on standards, opinion
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05:51, 14 Feb 2018

The obtaining of an integrity certificate by the future applicants for public elective posts is a good idea, but quality standards should be applied in this regard, economic expert Veaceslav Ionita stated in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

According to him, if the institution that will issue the certificate didn’t go through all the procedures to be unanimously accepted and the people do not have confidence in it, particular things could become ridiculous. Veaceslav Ionita said there is a standard called ISO 37000, which should be implemented in Moldova too to fight corruption. “The integrity certificate is a good thing, but the question is if this idea would not be understood as a possibility of political intervention now, before the election,” stated the expert.

Erica Zucec, manager of the Women’s Democracy Network Moldova, said the integrity certificate will give an additional value to the correctness of persons who will want to apply for elective and executive posts. “Politics in Moldova are considered dirty because the people think that persons with a bad reputation become involved in these,” stated Erica Zucec. According to her, the Venice Commission recommended an additional method for polishing the image of the Moldovan politics – introduction of integrity certificates.

The Democratic leader Vladimir Plahotniuc on February 13 announced that they drafted a bill providing that the future applicants for public elective posts will have to get an integrity certificate.

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