New parking rules
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15:40, 15 Mar 2019

The parking of cars on sidewalks will be allowed only if at least 1.5 meters remains available for pedestrians so as not to cause obstacles to persons with disabilities, with baby carriages or elderly people. The given changes to the Road Traffic Regulations were approved by the Cabinet on March 15, IPN reports.

The idea is that the parked vehicles should not block access to stairs, ramps or inclined curbs intended for persons with disabilities, parents with strollers, small children and other groups of persons with reduced mobility.

Under the document, the Ministry of the Interior is to review the departmental normative documents  and adjust them to the new provisions within 30 days of the publication of the Government decision.

Minister of the Interior Alexandru Jizdan said that even if Article 68 of the Road Traffic Regulations provides that the stopping or parking in localities should be parallel with the sidewalk edge, closer to the curb, the drivers often park their cars illegally. Obstacles are created to pedestrians, especially in areas where the sidewalks are blocked owing to stairs or other building elements, and the movement of people there is impossible.

The Ministry of the Interior will monitor the implementation of the amendments.

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