PM Filip orders probe into measles outbreak
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06:35, 10 Aug 2018

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has instructed the Ministry of Health to take urgent steps and contain the measles outbreak recently confirmed in Moldova, IPN reports.

The outbreak was reported in a summer camp in Morenii Noi village, Ungheni district, organized by a religious community. Overall, 20 children have been affected. It seems the disease was imported from Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast, where some of the children traveled to together with their parents, before going to the Ungheni camp, some 230 km north of their home town Ceadir Lunga, in the Gagauz autonomy.

It was revealed that of the 20 infected children only three had been vaccinated against measles. Moreover, they had received just one shot, which is not enough to guarantee protection from this highly contagious disease.

The prime minister requested that the affected children receive adequate medical care, and ordered a law enforcement probe into the circumstances of the outbreak.

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