National Library inaugurates Book Museum
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13:04, 14 Jun 2018

The evolution of the book and printing in time and space can be followed at the Book Museum that was inaugurated by the National Library on June 14. The museum will include special collections managed by the Old and Rare Books Section that consist of over 30,000 volumes, IPN reports.

National Library director general Elena Pintilei said the Book Museum is unique in the country owing to the documentary and historical content of the exhibited books. “We think the museum will fulfil our dream – to have more visitors at the National Library, who will have access to the country’s documentary treasure,” she stated.

Old and Rare Books Section head Veronica Cosovan said initially they exhibited books and documents that show how the book and printing developed in time. Later there will be displayed the special collections that show the vast book forms that existed in time.

Secretary of State at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research Andrei Chistol said the National Library is an institution dedicated to the values and activities aimed at safeguarding the cultural heritage. “I hope the young generation will devote attention to the cultural heritage that exists here, at the National Library, as you do so that the public knows this treasure, reads, understands and analyzes it properly,” he stated.

After the inauguration of the Book Museum, the 27th International Scientific Symposium “Bibliophile Values” started at the National Library. The event’s theme this year is “Heritage preservation policies at info-documentary institutions”. The symposium will continue on June 15.

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