Dozens of persons donate blood in central park of Chisinau
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11:31, 14 Jun 2018

Dozens of people, among whom government officials, students, service members and employees of health facilities, went to the Public Garden “Stephan the Great and Holy” in central Chisinau to donate blood. Two collection points will work there by 3pm. The event is held in connection with World Blood Donor Day that is celebrated annually on June 14, IPN reports.

Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Svetlana Cebotari said all the necessary conditions are created for ensuring the transfusion security, in all respects. “Given the contribution made by each citizen to the health system and to the life of those who need blood, I want to thank those who donate blood and invite those who didn’t yet donate blood, but intend to donate to do it,” stated the minister, noting it is important on this day to realize that blood is continuously needed.

Viorica Ceglova holds the title of “Emeritus Donor”. She started to donate blood in 1967 and has done it regularly since then, for over 150 times. The woman said she always wanted to help the children with oncological and cardiologic diseases, the people who suffer pain and thus gains satisfaction every time she donates blood.

Andrei Grati said he donated blood for the third time. He intends to continue doing so and assured those who are afraid to donate blood that it is not at all painful and is beneficial for the donor’s health.

Tatiana Pahomi said that by donating blood, she wants to save the life of a person in need of transfusion. She wants to sincerely help as she has a rare blood group.

The blood donors have two days away from work and get a food parcel. At the National Blood Transfusion Center, blood can be donated every day.

To satisfy the needs of the national health system, about 80 000 blood donations are needed annually to help over 130 000 patients.

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