Number of persons who drive inebriated is three times higher than official figures, opinion
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06:14, 14 Apr 2018

The number of persons who drive under the influence of alcohol is three times higher than the official reports show. Such an opinion was stated by road safety expert Mihai Hasan in the talk show “Theme of the day” on Canal2 TV channel, IPN reports.

According to him, the high number of persons caught driving inebriated last year reveals a constant that is based on the education and culture of society. “In Moldova, there are a lot of cases of recidivism and these should be punished harshly,” stated Mihai Hasan.

Road traffic legislation professor Mihai Rusu said the persons drive under the influence of alcohol because they do not realize that an inebriated driver is a danger to those around. Many of the persons who study to obtain a driver’s license are amazed at the large fines for driving under the influence. “What surprises me the most is the fact that a lot of people agree with the fact that the fines are heavy, but from statistical viewpoint we see that even if they know that the fines are heavy, many persons consciously drive inebriated,” stated Mihai Rusu.

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