Authors of crimes committed in Edinet and Calarasi learn sentences
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12:24, 14 Feb 2018

Two residents of Edinet district were sentenced to 18 and, respectively, 20 years in jail for killing a person. Two young men from Calarasi district were convicted of murder and hooliganism. Last summer these killed an elderly man. The sentences can be challenged, IPN reports.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the judgment in the case of the murder in Edinet was passed after prosecutors proved that in the morning of April 24 last year, being under the influence of alcohol, the culprits approached the nigh-shift operator of a filling station in Brinzeni village with the intention of stealing money from the station’s cash register. The two stabbed the victim, causing him injuries incompatible with life. They looked for money, but didn’t find and left the crime scene.

The young men from Calarasi, aged 20 and 27, got 16 years and, respectively, 12 years and six months behind bars for intentional murder and hooliganism. In July 2017, being inebriated, the two beat a man aged 76 with a wood slab during an hour. The elderly man died on the spot.

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