17-year-old teen with flu dies
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11:10, 14 Feb 2018

A teenage boy aged 17 who suffered from flu died in Chisinau on February 13. The Ministry of Health said the patient sought medical assistance on February 12. He was in a serious state and had signs of toxic-bacterial shock and had fever 38.3 C. He was taken to “V. Ignatenco” Hospital and was admitted to the resuscitation section, but his state of health worsened and he could not be saved. The virus test sowed the presence of the type B flu virus, IPN reports.

Relatives said that boy had dry cough seldom on February 8 and 9, but was active and didn’t see a doctor. In the morning of February 12, he started to have shivers, weakness and fever of up to 38.5 C.

Doctors diagnosed him with bilateral bronchopneumonia, respiratory failure, myocarditis, acute renal failure, intestinal dysfunction and flu. A medical-legal examination will be performed to find out the exact cause of death.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of acute upper respiratory tract infections during February 5–12 was higher, but remained under the epidemiological level.

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