Situation of media freedom worsened during past two years, opinion
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05:52, 15 Nov 2017

The situation of media freedom has worsened in Moldova during the past two years owing to a number of legislative changes that ban the journalists’ access to particular information. The opinion was stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel, IPN reports.

Director of the Journalistic Investigations Center Cornelia Cozonac said the journalists after 2009 managed to achieve results in terms of access to information as the authorities also became more open and more databases were created and a lot of information was digitized. “Over the past two years, things have worsened and the situation is now worse than during the Community rule,” she stated.

According to her, they cannot speak about the government’s intention to make its activity transparent. “They closed themselves off. There appeared the loophole on personal data protection that is massively used to hamper access to information,” said Cornelia Cozonac.

Nicolae Damaschin, a member of the Broadcasting Coordination Council, said the broadcasting sector in Moldova faces internal and external problems. The internal problems refer to financing, ownership, content and quota of national products, while the security of information space is one of the most important external problems.

He also said that 90% of the TV channels in Moldova do not broadcast sufficient national products, as the legislation provides, and this is another problem experienced in the broadcasting sector.

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