Government explores innovations to make public sector more efficient
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11:55, 14 Nov 2017

The Government of the Republic of Moldova, with support from the development partners, is exploring a number of innovations with the aim of making the public sector more efficient, effective and centered on the needs of the people, the Government’s secretary general Lilia Palii said in the opening of the regional forum on innovations in governance that is taking place in Chisinau during November 14 – 16, IPN reports.

Lilia Palii said the Republic of Moldova is still at the initial stage in implementing innovative methods in reforming the public sector, but the maintaining of the pace of this process will soon bring concrete results. The National Strategy “Moldova 2030” is being worked out and envisions the utilization of a series of last-generation innovative instruments.

According to the Government’s secretary general, the key three elements on which the authorities concentrate their efforts are: development of modern public services centered on people; application of the experimental approach before implementing public policies and development of new mechanisms for swifter achieving results.

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova Dafina Gercheva noted that the application of good innovative practices in modernizing services brings benefits to society and contributes to the fulfillment of the reform commitments of the governments of the region. The advanced technologies and democratization of public policies are factors that exert pressure on the governments for these to cope with the people’s needs.

Minister of Finance of Slovakia Peter Kazimir, in his speech in the opening of the forum, said the innovations are often defined as new solutions to old problems. They are an instrument that can help any sector undergoing transformations. “We should deliver innovations at governmental level. We often forget the values of innovations. Their utilization is very important for good governmental services,” stated Peter Kazimir.

The regional forum on innovations in governance is at its fourth edition. The event brought together representatives from 20 East European and Central Asian states. It is organized by the Moldova Social Innovations Lab (MiLab) in partnership with UNDP, the State Chancellery and UN Women.

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