Method of naming judges should be changed, opinion
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05:58, 13 Oct 2017

The method of naming judges in the Republic of Moldova should be changed, executive director of the Legal Resources Center Vlad Gribincea stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel, IPN reports.

According to him, it should be clear why a judge is named or promoted. Currently, no one understands this. “The conclusion is that if someone approves of you at the Superior Council of Magistracy, you will be promoted. Otherwise, you will not be. When we have rules of the game, they should be made known first,” said Vlad Gribincea.

Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari said the institution he heads, together with the National Institute of Justice and the Supreme Court of Justice, considers the candidates should be allowed to work as qualified judges after they graduate from the National Institute of Justice. “The Superior Council of Magistracy should play an absolutely technical role, of reconfirming decisions and results, and should not be able to take on the role of judge to decide who can hold the post of judge and who cannot,” stated the minister.

According to Vladimir Cebotari, the persons who will graduate from the National Institute of Justice with the highest average grade will be given priority and will be allowed to choose the place where they want to work as judges.

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