Traffic signs placed at railway crossings are ignored, police authority
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06:20, 13 Sep 2017

The ignoring of the mandatory road signs and banning signs are the most often traffic rule violations committed at railway crossings. According to the National Patrolling Inspectorate, 190 reports on such violations were compiled during a special operation that lasted for two weeks. The drivers to blame were penalized with fines and penalty points.

In a response to an inquiry made by IPN News Agency, the National Patrolling Inspectorate said that 12 reports referred to damage caused to roads, level crossings and guiding equipment. These irregularities were fined 900 to 1,500 lei. Patrolling inspectors also ascertained and recorded almost 10,500 violations of the traffic rules at railway crossings and imposed fines totaling over 5.5 million lei.

As many as 236 level crossings were checked during the operation. For the improper management of level crossings and road signs, the officials in charge were issued with 74 prescriptions. Later, two persons holding responsible posts at local railroad dispatcher’s offices were fined 1,050 to 2,250 lei for the non-fulfillment of the issued prescriptions.

Recently, employees of the National Patrolling Inspectorate, in concert with local patrolling inspectorates and police divisions, examined the level crossings to see how these and the road signs near them are maintained and if the safety norms are obeyed. Raids were carried out to identify cases of illegal passing of level crossings, ignoring of stoplights and banning signs, bypassing of barriers and others.

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