Killing pets will now be a criminal offense
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05:09, 12 Aug 2017

Killing pets will now be a criminal offense, according to a bill submitted for public consultations by the Ministry of Justice. The amendment to the Penal Code stipulates punishments like fines between 500 and 750 conventional units, 100 to 180 hours of unpaid community service or up to 2 years in jail, IPN reports.

According to the bill, killing two or more pets is punishable with a fine between 750 and 1350 conventional units, 180 to 240 hours of unpaid community service or up to three years in jail. The same punishment will be applied if the crime is committed publicly or in front of minors, by to or more persons with the use of a weapon or an object used like a weapon.

Previously, animal rights activists protested demanding criminal punishments for animal cruelty. They deem the current penalties insufficient. According to the current provisions of the Contravention Code, animal cruelty with the goal of mutilating or killing the animal is punishable by 40 to 60 hours of unpaid community or a fine between 20 and 40 conventional units.

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