13 ambulances blocked in snowdrifts
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17:50, 21 Apr 2017

Thirteen ambulances got stuck in the snow on national roads, in settlements or on the territory of emergency medical assistance substations, IPN reports, quoting a press release of the Ministry of Health.

In Ciobalaccia village of Cantemir district, an ambulance could not transport a patient with myocardial infarction to the hospital as the road was impassable and sought help from the Civil Protection and Emergencies Service, which remedied the situation.

The 903 service was mainly called by persons with hypertension, chest pain and respiratory infections. An ambulance was called to give first aid to an 83-year-old woman found in the snow. The doctors stated her death at the scene. 

The emergency medical assistance substations of Telenesti and Criuleni districts remained without electricity. Hospitals weren’t affected.

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