High risk of flooding, people urged to clean drainage channels
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16:34, 21 Apr 2017

The Ministry of Environment requests the local public authorities to examine the drainage systems in settlements and to remove the fallen trees that cause stoppages so as to prevent floods. Specialists of the Ministry said it is important to clean all the drainage channels during the next two-three days. The people are urged to take an active part in the process given that some of the mayor’s offices have modest intervention possibilities.

The owners and administrators of the about 4,000 lakes and ponds of Moldova should monitor the level of water, ensuring the controlled and coordinated discharge of water, if necessary, so as to prevent the bursting of levees and flooding.

A record amount of snow and rain fell in the central and southern districts of Moldova during the past 24 hours. The layer of snow in Chisinau was of 57 cm, in Leova of 40 cm, while in Cahul of 50 cm.

Temperatures will rise gradually during the next few days so that the snow will melt in only several days and there will be a high risk of flooding.

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