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I. “IPN BASIC” Package - news bulletin containing stories on political, social, economic and community developments, as well as sports and local news; on average 20 items on workdays and 12 items on Saturdays;

            “IPN Basic Photo”- an average of 10 original photos a day on workdays, in JPEG format, as support to IPN BASIC;
            “IPN Basic Audio” - an average of 2-3 audio recordings a day on workdays, in MP3 format, as support to IPN BASIC;
            “IPN Basic Thematic” - thematic news feeds on the following topics: “Society”, “Politics”, “Economy”, “Local News”, “Sports”, “Transnistrian Conflict”, “Children's Rights”, “Mass Media”, “Real Estates”, “Elections”.
            Other thematic bulletins can also be provided on request.

II. “IPN ECONOMY & BUSINESS” Package - news, comments, interviews on business and economy issues; 6 items a day on workdays.
            “IPN Economy & Business Retro” - a digest of last week's events, in abridged form.

III. “IPN AGENDA” - Agenda of events for the next day. (currently not available in English)

IV. “IPN VIP” - access to all news items and products, including archives.

Texts are available in Romanian, Russian, and English.

Distribution modes: e-mail, RSS subscription, access to site content.

For detailed information on our products, please contact us by e-mail at,, or by calling us at (+373) 22 930073, (+373) 69 155495.

IPN can serve as a reliable and professional platform to help its subscribers and non-subscribed clients promote their messages, offering them a wide array of services and solutions.

For each client, we offer a customized approach to ensure that their message gets greater publicity.


IPN's list of services includes, but is not limited to:


  • rent of news conference room with included assistance – packages of 450, 700, 1300 MDL;
  • posting of press releases/statements on;
  • dissemination of press releases to recipients from our database or to any other recipients specified by the beneficiary;
  • writing of event stories, with translation into 2 languages and further dissemination to subscribers;
  • unlock news stories in all three languages for free viewing on website;
  • photo for story, with free viewing on website;
  • audio for story, with free access on website;
  • video for story, with free viewing on website;
  • inclusion of event in the Daily Agenda for the next day;
  • displaying of hyperlinks in texts on website;
  • displaying of banners on website;
  • creation and placement of promotional materials in print press, radio stations and TV channels;


For detailed information on our services, please contact us by e-mail at,, or by calling us at (+373) 22 930073, (+373) 69 155495.

Rates do not include VAT.


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