ACUM wants to force PDM-PSRM alliance banking on more votes in next elections, opinion
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06:04, 15 Mar 2019

The electoral bloc ACUM wants to force the Democratic Party to form an alliance with the Party of Socialists in the hope that the voters will penalized these two parties and it will obtain a better score in the next parliamentary elections, journalist Constantin Olteanu was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel.

“I think it is absolutely wrong for the bloc ACUM to believe that by obliging the PSRM and the PDM to form an alliance, they will emerge victorious when the two political forces combine forces,” stated the journalist.

Constantin Olteanu noted ACUM promised that if the elections are rigged, they will take to the streets, but didn’t do it. “I wonder why they didn’t mount protests if they classed the elections as unfair? Because they want to be MPs and hold the won seats,” he said.

Sociologist Andrei Dumbrãveanu stated the Democratic Party looks for compromises, contacts and discussions because politics without these is not politics. The bloc ACUM tends to remain in the opposition and on the street. “They haven’t yet overcome the electoral euphoria and haven’t left the streets and I don’t know if they will realize where they are when they enter Parliament. One should have experience, but this is not gained on the street. It is grown, cultivated,” he noted.

According to Andrei Dumbrãveanu, the bloc ACUM was expected to turn down the invitation to negotiations issued by the PDM. “As all the elected MPs enter Parliament, it is inadmissible for some of them to stay on barricades as discussions are needed. I think it is more convenient for those from the bloc ACUM to remain in the opposition as the opposition has its priorities. It is easier to criticize, blame and accuse than to do something,” stated the sociologist.

On March 14, the executive council of the Democratic Party issued one more invitation to a dialogue on the formation of a parliamentary majority to the electoral bloc ACUM, saying it is ready to concede the administration of the future Government, including the post of Prime Minister.  ACUM declined the second invitation as well.

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09:09, 15 March 2019

ACUM a scazut dramatic in fata cetatenilor, care au ramas dezamagiti de ei, odata ce si-au dat votul pentru ei cu gindul ca vor munci, pe cind astia vor sa stea 4 ani in Parlament doar pentru salariu...

11:58, 15 March 2019

ACUM sunt niște idioți politici care nu știu să facă politică, dacă Moldova va ajunge la anticipate, haos, instabilitate și bani cheltuiți aiurea din buget, ei se vor face responsabili ! De ce nu acceptă să muncească pentru oameni, mai ales că PD-ul le oferă funcția de Prim-Ministru !

14:54, 15 March 2019

ACUM trebuia să demonstreze că sunt în stare să treacă de la proteste și urlete la guvernar eși asumarea responabilităților, dar nu - și Maia și Năstase au picat testul și au arătat că sunt la fel de jalnici și incompetenți.


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