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14:03, 11 Jan 2019

A new version of the portal that provides information about the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019 and the previous elections was launched by the Association for Participatory Democracy (ADEPT) on January 11.

The portal contains information about the electoral competitors in the national constituency and in each single-member constituency, the electoral programs of electoral contends and their position in relation to other competitors and compared with the previous elections, and also updated information about the political parties of Moldova and the performance in elections and between elections.

In a news conference at IPN, ADEPT executive director Igor Boțan said the platform was launched in connection with the replacement of the electoral system and the goal is to create an encyclopedia of electoral processes in Moldova. “The electoral competitors and political parties are also the target of this project. Besides the section “Elections”, there is also a special division about the development of political parties in Moldova starting with 1989. This covers 96 political parties, some of which disappeared in time,” stated Igor Boțan.

ADEPT prepared 120 profiles of electoral contenders that will be gradually presented on the website, when the electoral campaign starts. According to Igor Boțan, the goal of the team that will work for the website is to help the citizens inform themselves objectively about the electoral processes so that they could make a conscious choice in elections.

According to project coordinator Grigore Stegărescu, the platform institutes a new format in the presentation of information about the elections and parties. The information and rubrics are connected between them by links that lead to information. The website will be updated depending on the pace of the election campaign. When the elections of 2019 are over, the first page will be devoted to the next elections.

Currently, the first page provides information about the elections of this year and electoral news collected from different media outlets and public institutions that present the most relevant aspects of the electoral period. All the previous election-related products of ADEPT will remain on the old website

The portal is run with financial support from the Soros Foundation. The component devoted to political parties is supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands.

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