Victor Juc: Enshrining of European integration course in Constitution is a country project
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06:28, 11 Oct 2018

The enshrining of the European integration course in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is not simply an ideology of a party or a segment of society. This is a country project and this objective is associated with political-juridical and socioeconomic modernization, vice director of the Institute of Legal and Political Research of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova Victor Juc was quoted by IPN as saying in a program on Publika TV channel.  

According to him, it is not about Moldova’s access to EU institutions and membership into the EU, but rather about political association and economic integration and this association contributes to the support offered for modernization, democratization, Europeanization. “The people should understand a very simple thing – the modernization of the Republic of Moldova to strengthen the functionality of the state institutions, to establish a more functional market economy and to respect the basic human rights and freedoms, good practices, good governance is ensured by internal and external resources,” stated Victor Juc.

He noted that two amendments should be now made to the Constitution – to introduce the European integration objective and to modify the name of the official language into the Romanian language. A historical truth would be recognized this way and all the dissentions that appear in society would be brought to an end.

Political commentator Corneliu Ciurea said the European integration objective is simultaneously an ideology, a project and a myth. By its intention to enshrine it in the Constitution, the Democratic Party wants to show its pro-European velleities and to also test the pro-European inclinations of other parties, for tactical reasons. “From political viewpoint, such an approach is very courageous and obliges the other parties to reveal their real face and to provide real arguments,” he noted.

On October 9, the Democratic Party announced it will propose a constitutional amendment so as to enshrine the European integration course in the Constitution and this will be put to the vote in one of this week’s sittings of Parliament.

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10:36, 11 October 2018

Proiect de tara pe care PL si PLDM vor sa il stopeze. Eu inteleg asta din partea socialistilor si comunistilor, dar iata din partea partidelor care se dau proeuropene nu inteleg.

10:49, 11 October 2018

Romania tot a indrodus aceasta sintagma in Constitutie la vremea ei


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