By European Parliament’s resolution, EU addresses message to Moldovan citizens
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06:21, 11 Oct 2018

By the resolution of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee adopted on October 9, the European Union addresses a message to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. This is a message of support for the citizens given the serious situation in which the county is now, stated the programs director of the Center for Policies and Reforms Ștefan Gligor.

He noted the EU is consistent in what it does and its message is addressed to the Moldovan citizens. “The EU tells us that it knows the real situation, that it wasn’t misled and this is a message of support for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and it is a very good message in the current very difficult context,” Ștefan Gligor was quoted by IPN as saying in the talk show “Expertise hour” on Jurnal TV channel.

According to him, currently the PDM is somehow confused as it no longer receives macro-financial assistance from the EU and is looking for financing sources elsewhere. The budget deficit is now about 8 billion lei and this is not a small sum when the economy is declining. “The situation is difficult for them (PDM, e.n.). They try to show themselves optimistic in a very precarious economic context,” noted Ștefan Gligor.

Vice president of the Party “Platform Dignify and Truth” Stanislav Pavlovschi said the problems raised by the report show the observance of the main democratic principles by Moldova is being questioned. This is serious as questions as to Moldova’s wish to abide by the European values could later appear.

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on October 9 adopted a resolution on the implementation of the Association Agreement, saying the Republic of Moldova is captured by oligarchic interests and is backsliding in relation to democratic standards and rule of law. MEPs are concerned about the lack of fair and transparent elections as well as impartial judiciary, insufficient anti-corruption and anti-money laundering efforts. MEPs urge the Moldovan authorities to address these concerns, reaffirming the position on halting EU financial support to Chisinau until after the February 2019 parliamentary elections.

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