Renato Usatyi announces his resignation from Balti mayoralty
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05:42, 13 Feb 2018

The leader of the Political Party “Our Party” Renato Usatyi said that he will tender his resignation from the post of mayor of Balti town this week. He made the announcement in the program “Politics” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

The politician noted that he took such a decision because he cannot return home in the nearest future, but Balti town needs a manager on the spot. Also, if he resigns now, early local mayoral elections could be held this year, before the parliamentary elections. “If I resigned at the end of April, local elections wouldn’t be organized until 2019,” he stated.

“If I tender my resignation now, early local elections could be held in Balti on May 20, which was set by the Central Election Commission as an election day nationwide.”

Renato Usatyi announced that Nicolai Grigorishin, one of the current deputy mayors of Balti, will run in the early local mayoral elections on behalf of “Our Party”.

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