Moldova is a ‘shooting range’ of Russia for media and political attacks on other countries, opinions
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09:47, 13 Jan 2018

The Republic of Moldova is a ‘shooting range’ of Russia for media and political attacks on other countries, including Ukraine and the Baltic States, Doctor of History Ruslan Shevchenko stated in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

“They can easily work here. The ground is very large. There are hundreds of thousands of active supporters of the Russian propaganda,” said Ruslan Shevchenko. He noted that even if there are no concrete policies of Russia at the official level, the Russians thought very well about the media aspect. Among the main goals of the Russian propaganda are to denigrate the pro-EU opposition in Chisinau, to present the current government in a bad light and to accentuate the fact that the government during 27 years of independence does could not decide what course to follow and its supporters can find a way out of this political impasse reached by Moldova.

Journalist Octavian Bratosin said Moldova’s European orientation and the signing of the Association Agreement are themes that are disliked by Moscow. “When it is about the audiovisual sector it is easier because the Moldovan authorities found this solution to ban programs produced in countries that didn’t sign the European Convention on Transfrontier Television. But in the case of the Internet, things are much more difficult. It is much harder to combat the information that is swiftly disseminated through social networking sites,” stated the journalist.

The law to amend and supplement the Broadcasting Code was published in the January 12 issue of the Official Gazette. The broadcasters and distributors of services that are within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova are obliged to adjust their audiovisual program services and offers of services of programs retransmitted in accordance with the new broadcasting norms within 30 days.

The law allows for the retransmission only of news, feature, military and political radio and television programs produced in the EU member states, the U.S., Canada and in the states that ratified the European Convention on Transfrontier Television.

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