Government proposes Eugen Sturza for defense minister again
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16:53, 13 Sep 2017

Prime Minister Pavel Filip, in the September 13 meeting of the Cabinet, said he received the President’s letter informing about the rejection of Eugen Sturza for the post of minister of defense, but he will yet field this candidate again today, IPN reports. 

As regards Victor Gaiciuc, who was fielded by President Igor Ddon for the same post, Pavel Filip said the President does not have such powers. “From my viewpoint, this is a useless statement, as many others. I’m sure that this statement too is designed to offset the absence of arguments concerning the blockages that the President created in relation to the National Army. Why does he do this? Why does he want a weak army? I think the answers to these questions are on the surface. Regrettably, the President proves once again that he does not promote the interests of our country,” stated the Premier.

He noted that if President Dodon rejects again the proposed candidate, this will flout the Constitution. “If he does it, we are ready to take the next steps so as to break this deadlock over the Ministry of Defense once and for all as this is a very important institution,” stated Pavel Filip.

After the government coalition fielded Eugen Sturza for minister of defense for the first time, Igor Dodon on a social networking site wrote that he asked for a professional, but the Government fielded a “grants boy” and an “office reformist”. “I cannot accept such a candidate because he is not only incompetent in the military sector, but also had a doubtful experience in the Filat and Leanca Cabinets,” wrote the President. 

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