Victor Gaiciuc proposed for minister of defense by President Dodon
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13:08, 13 Sep 2017

President Igor Dodon rejected the government coalition’s candidate for minister of defense Eugen Sturza. An information letter to this effect was sent to the Government on September 13. In a press briefing, President Dodon said he recommended the Government to examine general Victor Gaiciuc as a candidate for this post, IPN reports.

According to Igor Dodon, Victor Gaiciuc is a military professional. He graduated from a military aviation school, studied at a military academy in Moscow and attended courses at the NATO Defense College in Rome.

Commenting on the government coalition’s intention to amend the law on the participation by Moldovan soldiers in military exercises abroad, Igor Dodon said the Constitution clearly specifies the President’s powers in his regard and the intentions to change the law run counter to the supreme law. He noted he will not promulgate such proposals.

The Democratic Party on September 12 said the ruling alliance fielded the deputy chairman of the European People’s Party of Moldova Eugen Sturza for minister of defense. Eugen Sturza headed the office of ex-Premier Iurie Leanca.

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