Moldova must have its own voice in the European choir, ex-rapporteur
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10:21, 12 Aug 2017

Egidijus Vareikis, former Council of Europe rapporteur on Moldova, thinks that it’s not bad when a country finds itself in the position of a student. On the country, it is good because studying means learning something new and getting a diploma in the end. In an interview for Radio Free Europe, the official said that the monitoring process will end when the country reaches a certain level of progress. He thinks that Moldova must use the expertise offered by the Council of Europe in order to define its own policies, goals and path, IPN reports.

The former rapporteur says that Moldova must not wait to see what happens before taking a decision. Waiting to see what happens in Ukraine, Russia or Romania before deciding on its own path is not a good idea. “Moldovans sometimes ask what Europe can do for them, what are Europe’s plans for them. Or about Romania or Transnistria. If Moldova had its own ideas and plans, it could benefit more from a development trajectory more suited to its needs. If you want to be loved, you must love someone. My wish is for Moldova to have its own voice in the European choir”, said the official

As regards EU funding for Moldova, Egidijus Vareikis explained that the EU wants to build strong and responsible societies and is ready to offer financial support to this goal. But the country must respect its commitments. “The EU says ‘We can help you, but you must be a friendly country, not a neutral one. We understand your specific, not only Transnistria is a problem, but also the relationship with Ukraine, which has its own political issues, then Gagauzia’. The EU clearly wants Moldova on the European path. However, no decision has been taken in Brussels saying that the EU 100% wants Moldova as a member”, said the former rapporteur.

According to him, Moldova is characterized by political instability. Politicians often change parties which shows the unpredictability of political life. The new president’s approach is also controversial. Nonetheless, the EU wants to give Moldova a chance. “It all depends on Moldovans, not the EU, where the country will go. We are not buying Moldova with a lot of money, we are not saying we cannot live without Moldova, but we are giving Moldova a chance and its up to her to fulfill her citizens’ dream. The situation isn’t decided. The EU has its policy regarding Moldova, but Moldova must do its part as well”, explained the official.

Concerning the Transnistrian issue, Vareikis said that this must remain a Moldovan problem. The solution must be found in Chisinau and not in Tiraspol or Moscow. He stressed that nobody recognizes Transnistria as a country. It is only temporarily outside Chisinau’s control, but Moldova must be recognized as a whole and Transnistria must be recognized as a part of Moldova.

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