Vitalia Pavlicenco: Pro-Romanians and pro-Europeans must join forces
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05:33, 11 Aug 2017

Nothing will change in Moldova if the pro-Romania, pro-unification forces and the pro-Europe forces don’t unite to put up resistance to the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party, stated Vitalia Pavlicenco, president of the National Liberal Party, during a talk-show on TVC21.

Vitalia Pavlicenco said that ahead of the 2018 legislative election her party would propose a variety of partnership options to similar-minded parties so as to field common candidates in constituencies, because “multiple candidates in the same constituency would mean victory for the Socialist or Democratic candidate”.

The politician said she intended to hold a round-table meeting this autumn and invite other parties currently not represented in Parliament to discuss the options.

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07:13, 11 August 2017

Vitalia Pavlicenco: Forțele pro-românești și pro-europene trebuie să facă bloc comun - sub bagheta Vitaliei...


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News Agency IPN

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News Agency IPN

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