Pavel Filip: People’s security remains a priority
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16:18, 21 Apr 2017

Pavel Filip requested the authorities to ensure maximum mobilization to deal with the consequences of the heavy snowfalls. The request was made in a new meeting of the Crisis Cell chaired by the Premier, which includes representatives of all the bodies responsible for the management of the difficult situation caused by the heavy snow. The Prime Minister said the people’s security remains a priority, IPN reports.

“We have enough forces and the necessary capacities, especially after the National Army and Carabineer Troops became involved. Good organization and communication are now the most important things,” stated Pavel Filip.

At the request of the local authorities, the National Army provides trucks for towing away ambulances that get stuck in districts.

According to the information presented in the meeting, over 700 communities remain disconnected from the power supply, while a number of national roads are still impassable. As many as 330 units of special equipment have been involved in snow removal works.

The Premier said the assistance needed by the population, including medicines and food, will be identified based on the platform of the Civil Protection Service. The Crisis Cell continues working nonstop. The police were ordered to inform the population about the blocked roads and movement possibilities at the local level.

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