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Anatol Taranu: Political factor can be normalized by upper-level reform or by revolution
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05:35, 26 Jul 2018

The quality of the political factor in Moldova can be normalized by an upper-level reform that will last and society will yet experience violations of the law or selective justice, or by a revolution with unpredictable results. Moldovan society is not yet prepared for revolutionary situations, expert Anatol Taranu stated in the public debate “Legislative and political, internal and external solutions to the conflict situation generated by invalidation of Chisinau elections”, which was the 92nd installment of the series “Developing political culture by public debates” staged by IPN News Agency.

According to the expert, the current legislation enables the electoral system to work within democratic parameters and this has happened during 25 years. In Moldova, not the laws, but the political will works and the political will is always guided by political interest. “The problem is how to make the law prevail over the political will, if this is possible. If this is not possible, a solution should be found to harmonize the political interests that would enable the political will to work within parameters that guarantee society the realization of its fundamental interests or at least to the extent to which this will ultimately lead to a situation when the law will prevail over the political interests,” stated Anatol Taranu.

He noted there are two possibilities of harmonizing the political interests – a reform done by those who rule and, if this is not done, a revolution, but the revolutions not always help solve the problem.

The expert said there is a palpable external component in the situation created by the invalidation of the Chisinau early mayoral elections, which is already applied. The European Union stopped the financing and this way exercises pressure on the Moldovan political class so that this finds a legal solution. “I think the international factor also played a role when the decision to invalidate the elections was taken, but indirectly. The invalidation of elections was nothing else but a fight for the international factor’s sympathies with a particular political player in the Republic of Moldova,” stated Anatol Taranu.

According to him, Moldovan society is generally not prepared for veritable democracy and many of the solutions formulated in debates are thus inapplicable from practical viewpoint. “No matter how well the legislation is modernized, this will have no effect. The law cannot envision all the real life situations the political will thus always find a possibility of bypassing the law and of interpreting it in its favor,” stated the expert.

The debate “Legislative and political, internal and external solutions to the conflict situation generated by invalidation of Chisinau elections” forms part of the series of public debates staged by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova within the project “Developing political culture by public debates” that is supported by the German Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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