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Andrian Candu: EU money will reach the country as Moldova met all conditions
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05:58, 13 Jun 2018

Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu assures that the money promised by the European Union will reach the country in the nearest future as the Republic of Moldova fulfilled all the imposed conditions. The issue was developed in the talk show “Important” on TVC21 channel, IPN reports.

The Speaker noted  the last assessment procedure concerning Moldova was started last Friday. “The European Union said the conditions were met and the money is to be disbursed,” stated Andrian Candu, noting the government should be most concerned about the time when the EU funds come to Chisinau and if the come. “If this money does not come, Pavel Filip, Andrian Candu and Vladimir Plahotniuc will have a problem and a minus in the projects they started or intend to start. We are those who should be much interested in implementing projects for the people’s benefit,” stated the politician.

As to this year’s parliamentary elections, Andrian Candu said he excludes the possibility that the Democratic Party will shift to the opposition after the elections, but it could form part of the government coalition together with the parties of Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase. The PDM will not yet form an alliance with the party of Renato Usatyi and the Party of Socialists. “The PDM will remain in the government for at least four more years,” he noted.

As regards the elected mayor of Chisinau Andrei Nastase, the Speaker said this can bank on the government’s support because citizens’ interests should prevail. “If need be, he surely can count on the support of the Government and Parliament,” said Andrian Candu.

In another development, he stated that Vasile Botnari was named director of the Security and Intelligence Service of Moldova because this has managerial skills and has abilities to comprehend particular processes. “The SIS will undergo a reform and appropriate institutional reorganization. We think he is the suitable person at the suitable place and at the suitable time,” stated the politician.

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