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MPs and ministers hold joint meeting
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12:35, 13 Oct 2017

Of the over 100 measures defined in the second roadmap that includes objectives of the national plan action for implementing the Association Agreement with the EU and the conditions imposed for receiving macro- financial assistance, 56 have been carried out. Eleventh measures are overdue, while the rest are to be implemented in October-December. Among the overdue measures is the ensuring of the functioning of the National Integrity Authority that does not yet have a president. Related subjects were discussed in a joint meeting of the Government and Parliament on October 13, IPN reports.

Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu said the submission of a bill to Parliament does not mean that the ministry fulfilled its task. Work should be done in concert with the standing commissions and the path of the law up to its publication should be followed. “Today we examined not only the already synchronized agenda of the Parliament and Government, but also discussed some subjects in detail, related to the creation of the National Integrity Agency, the contest rerun by its council and its calendar plan. We also discussed the plans for fighting corruption at the level of the integrity package, the national corruption prevention strategy and other bills, including about the banking fraud, the Kroll investigations and the multi-institutional platform, and also a more specific issue, namely the fight against trafficking in human beings,” stated the Speaker.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip said such meetings contribute to the accelerated adoption of measures to modernize the Republic of Moldova in the context of the foreign agreements and commitments. The updating of the national action plan for implementing the Association Agreement with the EU until 2019 will be initiated next month.

The joint meeting also discussed the steps that should be taken to obtain the €100 million in macro-financial assistance from the EU. The Premier said all kinds of speculations have been made recently as to the non-fulfillment by Moldova of the conditions imposed by the EU. According to Pavel Filip, such assertions are false. “A number of 28 conditions should be fulfilled to obtain the macro-financial assistance of €100 million, €40 million of which is a grant. To get the first tranche, which was projected to be disbursed this year, we are to meet ten conditions and we almost met these. Four conditions remained and they are being fulfilled,” stated the Prime Minister.

According to the authorities, a meeting of the Parliamentary Association Committee will be held in Strasbourg on October 25-26, while on October 20 the legislative body will stage the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration to discuss topical subjects related to the relationship with the EU.

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