German support for Republic of Moldova
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17:05, 20 Apr 2017

Germany will assist the Moldovan authorities in doing reforms in the fields of labor migration, labor legislation, fiscal policy for stimulating foreign investment and in implementing the industrialization program. In this regard, Minister of Economy Octavian Calmac had a discussion with representatives of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), IPN reports.

In a press release, the Ministry of Economy notes that the German officials said the conditions of attracting investment to Moldova were improved following the implementation of the Economic Policy Advice to the Moldovan Government project for 2016-2017, while the business sector is more actively involved in the formulation of reform proposals.

The representatives of the Embassy of Germany in Chisinau and of GIZ said the investment promotion services are now consolidated and the Government of Moldova offers assistance based on requests for potential and current investment projects that create jobs. In the period, there were created 1,900 new jobs, while another 4,000 are to be created in the nearest future.

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