NAER to approve new electricity and water tariffs June 15
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14:12, 14 Jun 2018

The National Agency for Energy Regulation (NAER) will come together for a meeting on June 15 to examine and put to the vote the new electric power and water supply tariffs for the municipality of Chisinau and the national electricity distribution and supply tariffs, IPN reports.

Based on the calculations presented by Gas Natural Fenosa, the NAER specialists established that the electric power tariffs for household users connected to a low-voltage power line should be reduced by 12%, not by 5.5% as the supplier suggested.

For the household users connected to a medium-voltage power line, the NAER suggests a 13.1% decrease in the tariff, while the supplier proposes a 6.1% reduction. For the consumers connected to a high-voltage power line, the reduction proposed by the Agency is of 13.5%, while the one proposed by Gas Natural Fenosa is of 6%.

For the consumers in norther Moldova served by RED-Nord and FEE Nord, the NAER proposes a 10% decrease in the tariff in the case of low-voltage power lines and a 9.7% decline in the case of medium-voltage power lines.

As regards the water supply and sewerage tariff in Chisinau municipality, the supplier suggests a 1.44 lei decrease, to 12.13 lei/cubic meter per household users and to 25.90 lei/cubic  meter for other users.

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