Bypassing road in Ungheni could be opened next May
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14:53, 06 Dec 2017

The bypassing road in Ungheni, which was to be made available for use in June 2016, could be opened next May. According to the authorities, this was 87% ready by December 1 this year and 30 more days favorable for works are yet needed to finish it, IPN reports.

In a news conference, Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Octavian Calmic, Deputy Prime Minister, said the given road was 25% built on January 1, 2017. The last layer of asphalt that is to be placed is a special one as it contains cellulose and necessitates favorable weather conditions – temperatures of at least 10 degrees Celsius. That’s why the works will be resumed next April. Moreover, road workers recommended not using the road in winter as the balustrades haven’t been yet set up on this segment.

The repair of the bypassing road in Ungheni is financed with €11 million worth of grants provided by the EU. Of this sum, €9.5 million has been used.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, about 50 km of road were extensively repaired in 2017 with 1.08 billion lei from the National Road Fund. Current repair works were performed on 30 km of concrete roads and on 27.3 km of public road of the macadam type. In the course of the year, there were built six new bridges, while another five bridges are under construction. About 60 km of national roads of the total of 400 km that are under repair and four bridges were rehabilitated with foreign funds.

A total of 4.16 billion lei, which includes foreign financing, was planned for road repair works in 2018. The Road Fund for next year will total 972.4 million lei. The foreign financing projected for 2018 will go to finish the Ungheni – Chisinau road, except for a segment of 6.6 km near Bahmut. There will also be repaired the road sections Hancesti – Lapusna – Leuseni (37 km), Balti – Sculeni (about 80%) without community roads (54 km) and Comrat – Ciumai (55 km).

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