Free economic zones attract 22 million dollars in the first half of 2017
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11:25, 12 Aug 2017

The total amount of investment in Moldova free economic zones (FEZs) has reached 305.3 million dollars, as of July 1. In the first semester of this year, 22.1 million dollars have been invested in FEZs, IPN reports.

According to an analysis by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, FEZ Balti attracted 36.4% of all investments, followed by FEZ Ungheni-Business with 23% and Free Entrepreneurship Zone Expo-Business-Chisinau with 22.1%.

The total amount of industrial production by FEZ residents in January-June 2017 has increased by 18.8% (in current prices), compared to the same period of last year. The total output value is 2339.5 million lei.

Most of the production, 84%, is exported. The value of exports in this period increased by 23%, reaching 2111.9 million lei. FEZs accounted for 10.6% of Moldova’s exports.

In the first six months of 2017, FEZ residents paid taxes of 140.7 million lei, an increase of 36.5% compared to 2016. Most taxes are paid in FEZ Balti (41.3%) and FEZ Ungheni-Business (29.5%).

At the moment, there are seven FEZs in Moldova, hosting 167 residents. Most of them are in FEZ Balti (46), Expo-Business-Chisinau (40), FEZ Ungheni-Business (34) and FEZ Production Park Valkanes.

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