Moldovan-Romanian economic relations to be strengthened by business forum
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17:52, 20 Mar 2017

The western part of Romania, which is attractive to business entities from Serbia, Hungary, Italy and Moldova as well, aims to become a liaison area between the business communities of the given states. In a news conference at IPN, Antoniu Martin, president of the Interregional Advocacy and Diplomacy Center of Romania, said Romania’s relationship with the Republic of Moldova requires special attention. Beyond the cultural and educational aspects on which the Center has focused since its foundation, facilitating different partnerships that already take shape, the economic relations are also very important. For the purpose, the first Economic Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises is staged in the Romanian town Arad.

“Economics often determines politics or who shapes something from economic viewpoint is interested in having decisional influence. I think it is very important for a higher number of businesspeople and firms from Moldova to break the blockage they still have and to take part in the first Economic Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises because a mutually advantageous perception can be formed only this way,” stated Antoniu Martin.

He noted that the organizers of the event aim to lay emphasis on opportunities and to deal with particular challenges. Invitations were issues to all the political parties and the authorities of Moldova, while the responses are mainly positive.

Antoniu Martin also said that many companies face difficulties in their activity because they do not know or do not have persons with the necessary expertise, who would implement business development projects. That’s why the organizers considered it necessary to invite specialists to the Economic Forum to provide assistance. “We want to create surplus value and thus aimed to have a more consistent niche as regards agricultural production processing. Therefore, the forum will involve many relevant agricultural companies,” he stated.

The Economic Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises will be held on April 21-23. Participation is free of charge, while applications can be submitted during two more weeks.

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