Entrepreneurs from six states to meet at Economic Forum in Arad
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14:02, 20 Mar 2017

Small and medium-sized enterprises from Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy and Hungary will take part in the first Economic Forum on SMEs that will be staged by the Interregional Advocacy and Diplomacy Center in Romania’s Arad on April 21-23. It is intended both for enterprises from the transfrontier region and for institutions and organizations that support SMEs.

In a news conference at IPN, president of the Interregional Advocacy and Diplomacy Center for Moldova Adrian Furculita said the first edition of the Forum will focus on economic development in regional and international context, social transfrontier dialogue, economic cooperation between light industry enterprises, agriculture, real estate sector, etc.

Antoniu Martin, president of the Interregional Advocacy and Diplomacy for Romania, said the western part of Romania, where the forum will be held, namely in Arad town, is a very developed one from agricultural viewpoint. This area has thousands of foreign resident companies and investors. The event is designed to become a dialog platform and a bridge between businesspeople from the participating states as well as a model for other Romanian counties.

Antoniu Martin noted the organizers hope the event will help the business community to cope with the economic challenges faced in the region. The number of registered participants is gladdening and local authorities and local councilors of Moldova also expressed interest in this event.

Participation in the forum is free. Applications for participation can be yet submitted during the next two weeks.

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