Moldova does not have unitary policy on integration of Transnistrians, opinion
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05:56, 14 Feb 2018

Currently, the Republic of Moldova does have a unitary policy on the integration of the population of the Transnistrian region, director of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative “Viitorul” Igor Munteanu stated in the talk show “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel, IPN reports.

“We have a Reintegration Office that makes particular effort, regularly takes part in these meetings in the 5+2 format, assumes initiatives and signs some protocols, but the people do not see significant progress in promoting the interests the Republic of Moldova so that we come closer to this objective – the integration of the population and territory from the left side of the Nistru,” stated Igor Munteanu.

The director of “Viitorul” considers the Republic of Moldova should not hope that the OSCE Mission or someone else will solve the Transnistrian problem instead of it. A consensual position should be consolidated at national level as to the goals pursued by Moldova in the conflict settlement process.

Victoria Bucataru, executive director of the Foreign Policy Association, said the Moldovan authorities made a number of concessions, including enabled the Transnistrian region to survive after the Russian Federation reduced the financial support for it. “Chisinau was rather generous in relation to the so-called Transnistrian authorities. A number of favors are done to the region’s officials, who travel without problems through the Chisinau International Airport inclusive,” she stated.

According to Victoria Bucataru, from now on it is important not to allow accrediting particular statehood elements in favor of the Transnistrian administration as this will mean a precedent for other conflicts.

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