Extension of migration amnesty discussed in meeting of Dodon and Putin
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05:07, 18 Mar 2017

President Igor Dodon announced that in a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow, he asked to extend the period of migration amnesty after March 20. The two officials also discussed the Transnistrian conflict settlement and a Moldovan-Russian strategic partnership, IPN reports.

According to the presidential press service, Igor Dodon thanked the Russian President for authorizing a number of large Moldovan winemakers to export their products to Russia and, in particular, for the migration amnesty that applies to particular categories of Moldovans, asking to also pardon the about 33,000 Moldovans who committed particular violations while staying in Russia and are now in Moldova.

“I requested to extend the period of migration amnesty after March 20 so that a maximum number of Moldovans working in Russia could benefit from this. Vladimir Putin informed me that the deadline will be extended,” stated Igor Dodon.

President Dodon also suggested examining the opportunity of signing an agreement on double nationality so that the Moldovans who live in Russia on a permanent basis do not have to renounce the Moldovan nationality. One of the subjects for discussion was the protest note handed over to Russia’s Ambassador in Moldova by the Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament and the call made by the two on Moldovan officials to avoid paying visits to the Russian Federation.

“I expressed my regret at the uninspired statement of the Moldovan administration concerning the Russian Federation. I sincerely hope that such actions will not influence the general dynamics of the Moldovan-Russian relations,” stated the President.

The sides also discussed the Transnistrian conflict settlement. Igor Dodon informed Vladimir Putin about his intention to have a meeting with the Transnistrian leader by end-March. Igor Dodon suggested holding Moldovan-Russian consultations on the establishment of a strategic partnership between Moldova and Russia.

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20:47, 19 March 2017

SI KUM DODONULE-- ITI PLACE FUNDUL LUI VOVOCKA lingau nenouocit sal mai pupi in kur de o suta de ori!


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