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Mobiasbanca believes that every child deserves a happy childhood!

June 07, 2018

They know the meaning of happiness. They do not seek it, but live with all their innocence specific to a childhood.

They have convinced us that their happiness lies in simple things; they have made us see the world through their eyes, even if they see it through lenses and diopters, while in wheelchairs or in a more internalized world.

In the context of the International Children’s Day, we visited several children’s institutions to make a day when the children are our heroes a special one.     

In the Theoretical technological high-school for children with poor eyesight in Chisinau, we were caught in a dance whirl with the graduates in the festive square, and we experienced the emotions of the farewell bell together with the pupils. This year the event became more special since for the first time they had speakers, microphones and the sound amplifier provided by Mobiasbanca. In addition, as they made great wishes for the next year of study, we decided to return with new gifts to the institution – the first set of books in Romanian language, which laid the basis for the school library, and a digital camera.

On a trip in Soldanesti we went with the children from the Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children “Casa Gavroche”, Chisinau. We visited the Soldanesti canyon, one of the most spectacular in Moldova, the river Ciorna, the railway built at the end of the 19th century, and also the longest tunnel in the country (about 160m). It was a wonderful trip that left memories for a few pages of impressions and a wonderful subject about how the summer vacation began.

In the special Boarding school for blind and visually impaired children in Balti, clowns and animators evoked lots of smiles and created an atmosphere calling the summer in unison with the pupils. Do you wonder how the childhood of the 30 kids of the school looks like and what holiday plans they have? Some of them will remain at school, others will return to families to spend their holidays, and summer clothes, which will be put to heavy tests during children's games, also were given to them in several sets by the bank's team. In fact, it has already become a tradition to sweeten the childhood of these kids, brighten it and help create better conditions for them. We always return to reward their trust and invest in their positive emotions. They believe in us, and we tenfold believe in them.

After Chisinau and Balti, we went to seek happiness at ‚Fidancic’ Rehabilitation center in Comrat – the center taking care about 30 children, most of whom have locomotor disorders. When in wheelchairs, the world of childhood is definitely more … otherwise, but it is just as innocent, optimistic and full of emotions. We immortalized these moments and emotions on photos, printed them and projected them on the screen, we were happy because they were happy – to have guests, to already have new equipment (printer, projector, electric stove) and to have launched air balloons in the sky – with wishes, dreams and clear thoughts, worthy of being fulfilled.

‚Donated with love from Mobiasbanca’ is a message that has left a mark and motivates us to return to each institution.

Mobiasbanca believes that every child deserves a happy childhood!


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